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Blue Dextran 2000

Description: Blue Dextran 2000 is prepared from dextran with a m.w. of ~ 2,000,000. It is soluble in water, and is supplied as a dark blue powder or crystal. Typical Properties: ...

Methylcobalamin, C63H91CoN13O14P

Description: Methylcobalamin is a vitamin B12 analog. Typical Properties:  Typical Properties:   Form: Dark red crystalline or crystalline powder Purity (on dry basis): 98% Min Loss on drying 12% Max...

β-Diphosphopyridine nucleotide, C21H27N7O14P2

Description: β-Diphosphopyridine nucleotide consists of two nucleotides joined through their phosphate groups. One nucleotide contains an adenine nucleobase and the other one contains an nicotinamide. It is a coenzyme central to metabolism....

Adenosine, Adenine-9-β-D-ribofuranoside, C10H13N5O4

Description: Adenosine is one of the four nucleoside building blocks to DNA and RNA. Typical Properties:  Typical Properties:   Form: White to off-white powder Content (on dry basis): 98.5% Min Adenine:...

4-Methylumbellifery β-D-galactopyranoside C16H18O8

Description: 4-Methylumbellifery β-D-galactopyranoside may be used as a fluorescent substrate for β-galactosidase. Typical Properties:  Typical Properties:   Form: White or off-white power Purity (TLC): 98% Min Product Details: Product Details:  ...

IPTG: Isopropyl β-D-thiogalactoside C9H18O5S

Description: Isopropyl β-D-thiogalactoside, IPTG, is a molecular biology reagent, and is a molecular mimic of allolactose. When stored as a powder under proper conditions, IPTG is stable for 5 years. Typical...

GalNAc: N-Acetyl-D-galactosamine C8H15NO6

Description: N-Acetyl-D-galactosamine (GalNAc) is an amino sugar derivative of galactose. In humans it is the terminal carbohydrate forming the antigen of blood group A.   Typical Properties:  Typical Properties:   Form:...