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Sku: RT-PCR 148-500
Categories: PCR Mix

Product Introduction:

Taq-Fast polymerase, Cat RT-PCR 148, 500U/2500U for 500/2500 reactions x 20μL (No ROX, Low ROX or High ROX)


Intended use:

  • This DNA-dependent DNA polymerase is used real-time PCR and RT-PCR amplification with SYBR Green dye.
  • It is used together with Thermophilic Reverse Transcriptate (Cat 140) for RT-PCR.


Product Characteristics:

  • Taq-Fast polymerase extends more than 300 bases with short PCR cycling program.
  • The 5x buffer has three formulations of ROX, Low ROX or High ROX concentrations for your choice.


Transportation and Storage:

The kit can be stored at ≤-20°C for 24 months. The product can be transported below 4 °C for up to 3 days.



Technical Data Sheet

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