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Sku: RT-PCR 147-2
Categories: Dlab PCR

Intended Use

  • The 1-Step 2X Fast RT-PCR Master Mix is used for qualitative and quantitative RT-PCR amplifications with SYBR Green dye for fast thermocycling.

  • The master mix is a premixed, 2X concentrated solution that has all the components except for gene-specific primers and RNA template.

Kit Characterizations

  • For the reverse transcription step, this kit uses a highly efficient thermophilic Reverse Transcriptase (US patent pending), which is a thermophilic type A polymerase with optimal temperatures of 60-62°C, and it is heat-inactivated at ≥90°C.

  • The RTase efficiently synthesizes a complementary DNA strand on RNA template from a gene-specific primer, 1 unit per 20μL of reaction.

  • The RTase can detect single digit copies of target RNA molecules.

  • The kit also contains Taq-Fast DNA polymerase for the amplification step, which extends more than 300 bases with short cycling program.

  • The kit is designed for singleplex RT-PCR.

  • The preferable PCR product size is ≤150bp.

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