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Full name 2X Taq PCR Mix
Applications Conventional PCR
Summary This reagent kit is fast and convenient to use, and can be used for the rapid establishment of ordinary PCR systems and other PCR related experiments. 2X SanTaq PCR Mix includes MgCl2, dNTP, Taq DNA Polymerase, PCR buffer, loading, and PCR enhancer. The optimized PCR Mix enables most PCR reactions to proceed well. The preparation of the PCR reaction system can be completed within a few minutes by adding primers, template DNA, and an appropriate amount of deionized water.
The product contains bromophenol blue dye, and the PCR product can be directly subjected to electrophoresis. This product contains excellent stabilizers and can be stored for 3 months at 4 ℃. The PCR product has a 3 '- dA protruding end and can be easily cloned into the T vector.
Composition 2X SanTaq PCR Mix (with blue dye)
Concentration 25 μg / 500 μl
Color Blue





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