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AdvSHENTEK Mycoplasma DetectInnova System-SHENTEK™

Overview The AdvSHENTEK Mycoplasma DetectInnova System transformed RMM(rapid microbiological method) into a streamlined, fast, fully automated, and easily portable laboratory system. It integrates nucleic acid extraction and real-time PCR assay,...

4/6 Channel LCD Digital Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer-DLAB

Key Features 4/6 channels with independently control of start/stop, temperature, speed and display for better parallel experiment control. Ceramic coating aluminum work plate with fast heat transmission and strong resistance...

TGreen Transilluminator

Description TGreen Transilluminator adopts LED blue light source, amber filter and 470-520 nm excitation light material, which can be used for observation and cutting of gels loaded with GFP protein, or...

Vacuum Controller-VC100-DLAB

Key Features Wide range of measurement and control, 1-1,000mbar Two control modes available Single-point control and programmed control Stores up to 5 programs, each containing up to 5 steps of...

BoFU Focused Ultrasonicator-Batch Processing-16 Sample Positions-BoFU-1600

Note:Multi-Channel Processing,Customizable Processing,User-Friendly Design,Increased Throughput,Time and Labor Savings,Enhanced Operation Experience.   Description The BoFU-1600 (Bowl Focused Ultrasonicators) is a multi-channel focused ultrasound sample processing system within the BoFU series. It...

BoFU Focused Ultrasonicator-Noise Free-Standardized Results-BoFU-100

Note:High-Frequency Co-Focused Ultrasound System,Tailored Shear Force,Temperature-Controlled Shearing Process,Non-Contact and Noise-Free Operation,Elimination of Manual Errors   Description The Bowl Focused Ultrasonicators (BoFU 100) use a high-frequency co-focused ultrasound system to efficiently...

Magnetic Stirrer - 18x7" for 10 units - Dlab MS-M-S10

Key Features Maintenance-free brushless DC motor Speed range of 0-1100rpm Stainless steel work plate covered with silicone cushion, provides excellent performance of skid resistance   Specifications Download Dlab MS-M-S10 Spec...


Blue Fairy thermal cycler has an Android operation system and a 10.1-inch capacitive touch screen. The operation is very smooth and simple. The Air channel is in front and back and it allows...