Pasteur Pipettes

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3ml Pasteur Pipette - Extended Tip - Sterilized

Product Introduction 3 mL capacity with 176mm extended length design makes this the perfect pipette to transfer liquid in and out of container at ease. Simply submerge the tip into...

A Pasteur pipette, also known as transfer pipette, is denoted by its small size and its ability to work with smaller samples. It was developed by Louis Pasteur, a French scientist in the 19th century.
The initial pipettes were made by heating up gals and shaping it with longer points that would be cut or broken off. A rubber bulb would then be added to the end to help aid in getting liquids in and out of the pipette. Since they were made of medical grade low density polyethylene (LDPE), it was easy for one to dispose of them after use. Biofargo Pasteur pipettes' surface elasticity have been improved and they allow great flow of liquid which guarantees the case of use. And they feature high transparency and clearly marked measurement, like serological pipettes.