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Sku: PG210

Product Description:

This product is designed for the rapid preparation of polyacrylamide gels. It retains Laemmli-like separation characteristics while using a standard Tris-glycine running buffer system.
This kit adopts the pre-mixed formula of the upper gel and the lower gel. After pouring the Lower gel, the upper gel can be directly poured between the glass plates without waiting for the upper gel to polymerize. The upper gel casted by this kit is colored(red, blue or green) for easy sample loading. The odorless catalyst provided by this kit has excellent stability and polymerization effect, and there is no need to add TEMED in the process of casting gels. The gel casted by this kit can be used for denaturing or native PAGE gel electrophoresis.


Product Features:

  • Ability to cast upper and lower gels at the same time
  • Colored upper gels(red, blue, green) for easy sample loading
  • Odorless catalyst instead of TEMED and APS
  • Improved resolution for small-size (e.g.10 kd) proteins


Kit Contents:

Component Amount
Upper A 80 mL
Upper B 80 mL
Lower A 250 mL
Lower B 250 mL
Catalyst 8 mL



Input Sample Requirements:

  • Similar to the precast gels, the upper gels casted by this kit do not has the ability of conventional Ā stacking. However, the bands separated by this gel is clearer.
  • Catalyst for gel polymerization is affected by the temperature. A higher temperature usually accelerates the polymerization, while lower temperature slows the reaction. The volume of Catalyst could be varied according to your purpose.
  • If the kit is stored at 4Ā°C, please wait until it reaches the room temperature. This could prevent the air bubble production during gels casting.
  • This product is for research use only.


Storage and Handling:

Catalyst: Store at -30 ~ -15Ā°C and transport at ā‰¤0Ā°C. It can be stored at 2 ~ 8Ā°C at least 3 months.

Other components: Store at 2 ~ 8Ā°C. Adjust the shipping method according to the destination.

The kit is stable for at least one year from date of receipt.


User Manual:

Click here forĀ more guides and user manual.

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