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Lorderan CO2 Incubator (UV Sterilization) guarantees reliable, accurate CO2 monitoring with its infrared (IR) CO2 sensor and HEPA-filtered airflow system. Enjoy a safe, controlled environment with complete confidence knowing that you have 99.97% filtration for a clean, sterile environment.

6-side direct heat chamber
▸ The 6-side heating method, with efficient, high-performance heating systems distributed on the surface of each chamber, provides a highly uniform temperature distribution throughout the incubator, resulting in a more uniform temperature throughout the incubator and a uniform temperature field of ±0.3°C within the chamber after stabilization
▸ Standard right side door opening, left and right door opening direction according to demand
▸ Polished stainless steel one-piece interior chamber with rounded corners for easy cleaning
▸ Flexible combination of detachable pallets, independent humidity pan can be removed or put in according to demand
▸ Stainless steel shelves and brackets are durable and can be removed without tools in 1 minute

304 stainless steel water pan for humidification
▸ Easy-to-clean 304 stainless steel water pan holds up to 4L of water, ensuring a high humidity environment in the culture chamber. It provides maximum protection for cell and tissue culture and avoids the dangerous formation of condensation, even when the humidity pan generates high humidity at normal room temperature, and is still less likely to generate condensation above the chamber. Turbulence-free chamber ventilation ensures a constant and uniform cell culture environment

UV sterilization
▸ UV sterilization provided as needed simplifies cleaning and eliminates the need for autoclaving and reassembling components separately, effectively improving work efficiency

ISO Class 5 HEPA filtered airflow system
▸ Chamber's built-in HEPA air filtration system provides uninterrupted filtration of air throughout the chamber
▸ ISO Class 5 air quality within 5 minutes of closing the door
▸ Provides continuous protection by reducing the ability of airborne contaminants to adhere to interior surfaces

Infrared (IR) CO2 sensor for accurate monitoring
▸ Infrared (IR) CO2 sensor for stable monitoring when humidity and temperature are less predictable, effectively avoiding measurement bias problems associated with frequent door opening and closing
▸ Ideal for sensitive applications and remote monitoring, or where frequent opening of the incubator is required
▸ Temperature sensor with overtemperature protection

Active airflow technology
▸ Incubators are equipped with fan-assisted airflow circulation, enabling rapid recovery.. Our airflow pattern is specifically designed for uniform distribution of some key environmental conditions (temperature, gas exchange and humidity)
▸ An in-chamber fan gently blows filtered, moist air throughout the chamber, ensuring that all cells have the same environmental conditions and do not lose excessive water regardless of their location

LCD touch screen
▸ Intuitive controls for easy operation, instant run curves, historical run curves
▸ Convenient installation position above the door for easy control, capacitive touch screen with sensitive touch control experience
▸ Audible and visual alarms, on-screen menu prompts



Model CU-80 CU-160 CU-270
Chamber Volume 80L (2.82 Cu. Ft.) 160L (5.65 Cu. Ft.) 270L (9.53 Cu. Ft.)
Temperature Range Ambient+5ºC ~65ºC
Electrical Requirement 220V 50Hz / 110V 60Hz
Power Consumption 450W 720W 900W
Ambient Temperature +5~30 ºC
Heating Method Air-jacketed, PID Control
Temperature Resolution 0.1
Temperature Stability ±0.1ºC
Temperature Uniformity ±0.3ºC
CO2 Range 0~ 20% Infrared Sensor
CO 2 Control Resolution ±0.2%(IR sensor)
CO 2 Recovery (Door open 30s, recovery to 5%) ≤ 3min
Temperature Recovery (Door open 30s, recovery to 37 ºC) ≤ 8min
Humidity Method Natural Evaporization 0-95%RH
Shelves 2 3 3
Interior Dimension (W×D×H)mm 400*400*500 500*500*650 600*650*700
Exterior Dimension (W×D×H)mm 570*580*820 660*680*950 700*750*1100
Net Weight (kg) 60 80 100
Sterilization method UV Sterilization




UV Sterilization CO2 Incubator User Manual 

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