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X-Glucis a chemicalcompound with themolecular formula C14H13BrClNO7. It is utilized as a reagent fordetectingβ-glucuronidase. This enzymeis produced byEscherichia coli (E.coli) andis employed fordetectingcontaminationof E.coliin food, waterandurinary pathways.Additionally, X-Gluc finds extensiveuseinmolecular biology experiments forlabeling and selecting theexpressionof target genes, particularly within theGUS (β-glucuronidase) reporter system.


Product Specifications

(X-glu, X-glcA, BCIG)
5-Bromo-4-chloro-3-indoxyl-beta-D-glucuronide cyclohexylammonium salt

Formula C14H13BrClNO7 • C6H13N
CAS # 114162-64-0
MW 521.79 g/mol
Storage/Handling Store desiccated at -20°C. Protect from light.
Soluble in DMF.
Purity greater than 99% (HPLC)
Thin Layer Chromatogram single spot
Biological Activity indigo-blue assay
Elemental Analysis Agrees with theoretical values
PubChem Chemical ID 16760327


X-Gluc is a chromogenic substrate used in various applications for detecting X-glucuronidase. Upon reduction,X-Gluc produces localized color,aiding in the identification of the presence of the GUS gene in most cell types and detecting GUS gene fusion markers in plants.

X-Gluc is applied in the detection of Escherichia coli. The chromogenic substrate X-Gluc is used for various applications in detecting β-glucuronidase; an enzyme produced by Escherichia coli. Upon reduction, X-Gluc produces localized color, aiding in the identification of the presence of the GUS gene in most cell types and detecting GUS gene fusion markers in plants.

X-Gluc is utilized in identifying contaminated food samples such as meat, dairy products, and shellfish.

Its clinical applications extend to assessing urinary tract infections by detecting the presence of Escherichia coli. Internationally recognized as an accurate indicator of the presence of Escherichia coli in drinking water samples, X-Gluc helps reduce false positives and false negatives compared to traditional methods.


Technical Documentation

Histochemical Staining of GUS Reporter Activity:

Pollen Staining for GUS Activity - adapted from a protocol by Dr. Daphne Preuss.

Gus Gene Assay in Transformed Plant Tissue:

Procedures for GUS gene expression, fluorimetric and fluorigenic assays by Dr. Paul Bottino, Plant Molecular Genetics (retired), University of Maryland.


X-Gluc Stock Solution:

X-Gluc Stock Solution - 20 mg/ml


COA - G1281:

Certificate of Analysis - X-gluc


SDS (MSDS) - G1281:

Safety Data Sheet - X-gluc (CHX salt)


Basic Parameters and Applications of X-Gluc

Basic Parameters and Applications of X-Gluc

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