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Components Shipping Condition Unit Size Product Line Detection Method
E.coli RNA Control -20℃ 100 Reactions SHENTEK™ Probe-based qPCR
One Step qPCR Buffer -20℃, protect from light      
One Step Enzyme MIX -20℃, protect from light      
E.coli RNA Primer&Probe MIX (Incl IPC) -20℃, protect from light      
RNase-Free H2O -20℃      



SHENTEK™ Residual E. coli RNA Quantitation Kit (2G) is used for quantitation of host cell RNA from E. coli in a variety of biopharmaceutical products. This kit employs duplex reverse transcription quantitative PCR technique to performs a rapid, specific, and reliable quantitative detection of residual E. coli RNA .The target gene (FAM) can be determined at the femtogram (fg) level, whereas IPC-Internal Positive Control (VIC) is also included in the E. coli RNA Primer&Probe MIX to evaluate the performance of each PCR reaction. 



Range 2x10-2-2x102pg/μL, R2 ≥0.990E=83.3%~110%
Accuracy 64.1%-97.8%, CV<30%
LOQ 0.002 pg/μL
Precision 10.7%-13.1% (<30%)
Robustness Freeze-thaw stability over 5 cycles
Instrument suitability not limited to Thermo, Biorad, HZSKBio qPCR equipments


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