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Components Shipping Condition Unit Size Product Line Detection Method
Lysis buffer Room Temp 50 Extractions MycoSHENTEK Probe-based qPCR
Binding solution      
Wash buffer A      
Elution buffer      
Dilution buffer      
MB Cell lysis buffer 2-8℃      
5M NaCl      
Pretreatment buffer      
Magnetic particles      
Proteinase K      



MycoSHENTEK™ Mycobacteria DNA Extraction Kit is used for extraction of trace Mycobacteria DNA from a variety of biologics. It works with MycoSHENTEK™ Mycobacteria DNA Detection Kit (Product No.: 1503602) for an integrated workflow from sample preparation to detection assay. For sample volume that is less than 400 μL, test sample DNA can be extracted directly using this kit. If sample volume is more than 400 μL, or it is necessary to increase the sample volume to achieve a higher detection sensitivity, the sample should be concentrated by centrifugation to a final volume of approximately 400 μL before using this extraction kit. The kit is compatible with manual sample preparation, or with automated extraction using rHCDpurify instrument.



Recovery at least 90% to fg/μL
Repeatability CV no more than 15%


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