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Our Low IgG Fetal Bovine Serum is expertly curated from select lots with naturally low levels of Immunoglobulin G (IgG), the major immunoglobulin in normal bovine serum, which makes up 70-75% of the total immunoglobulin pool. Recognized for its critical role in immune function and its unique ability to cross the placenta, IgG in natural bovine serum can sometimes interfere with specific cell culture studies, particularly when the research involves the production of unique IgG molecules.

To maintain the highest integrity and functionality in your cell culture and immunoassay applications, our FBS is processed without artificial methods to remove IgG, which could potentially impair the serum's performance. For applications requiring even lower levels of IgG, we offer batches that have undergone a proprietary chromatography process to further reduce the IgG content to less than 5 µg/mL.



  • Ultra-Low IgG Content: Our FBS is carefully selected from lots with naturally low IgG levels and further processed through proprietary chromatography to reduce IgG content to below 5 µg/mL, ideal for sensitive applications.
  • Triple 0.1 µm Sterile Filtration: Ensures the highest sterility by passing through stringent triple 0.1 µm filters, removing any potential microbial contamination.
  • Comprehensive Safety Testing: Each batch is tested rigorously for mycoplasma, viruses (including BVD), endotoxin levels, hemoglobin, and total protein rates, ensuring safe and reliable use in critical research environments.
  • Preserved Biological Activity: Despite IgG depletion, our serum retains full biological activity, supporting excellent cell growth properties and performance comparable to regular FBS.
  • Optimal Storage Conditions: Ships on dry ice and should be stored frozen at temperatures ranging from -20 to -10°C to maintain serum integrity and performance.


Research areas using ultra-low IgG FBS

Viruses and viral response
Cell-surface epitopes
IgG-dependent cell cytotoxicity
Ligand-receptor studies

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