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Most cell growth in culture requires a serum component of the growth medium to maintain their proliferative capacity. While whole serum is suitable for routine purposes, studies involving nutritional parameters or the incorporation of labeling materials require elements to be removed from the serum during the study. Typically the whole serum is dialyzed using fractionation methods. For complete filtration dialysis, serum is passed around a hollow fiber by a concentrated method. Dialysis of fetal bovine serum is mainly to remove nucleosides, amino acids, hormones, ions, etc.

Dialysis removes many small molecules from FBS such as glucose, salts and some non-protein bound serum molecules. This process generally does not remove hormones that are serum bound but it may reduce growth promotion capabilities for some cell types. The dialysis process is done by ultra filtration with a 10,000 molecular weight cut-off membrane. The serum is processed at 4°C with a careful monitoring of pH, osmolality and glucose concentration. Sterile-filtered. Mycoplasma-tested and virus-screened. Ships on dry ice. Store frozen at -20 to -10°C

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