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Sku: HPLC-112204
Categories: HPLC Accessories

Note:100-300µL Polypropylene Vial, 9mm Screw Thread, 12x32mm, 100/PK

Product Introduction

There is increasing evidence that exposure to PFAS (Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl) can adversely affect human health. Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances do not break down, accumulating over time in the human body and the environment. Government regulations are increasing mandating that many materials should be tested to ensure that there are no traces of PFAS or that the traces found are below the legal limits.

PFAS are widely used in materials such as PTFE. PTFE is commonly used in chemical analysis consumables. Laboratories require labware products that do not contain PTFE to minimize background contamination.

The analytical detection method of choice for PFAS analysis is liquid chromatography - mass spectrometry – mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS), which is especially suited for analysis of ionic compounds such as the PFSAs and PFCAs. Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC/MS) can also be used for PFAS analysis. However, while LC/MS/MS analysis of PFAS is widely available, GC/MS analysis has limited commercial availability for PFAS. While most analytical methods used for PFAS utilize LC/MS/MS, just as with sample preparation, there are significant ways in which the method differ that need to be considered when selecting a method.

Finneran Porvair has a complete product line of vials, closures, liners and kits suitable for PFAS

Testing. Our product offerings include 1mm polyimide/silicone lined closures, unlined polypropylene and polyethylene closures and polypropylene vials in 9mm screw thread and 11mm crimp finishes. We also offer our closures and vials in a variety of convenience kits.

Our polypropylene vials are designed to work in most autosamplers. These lightweight vials are an economical alternative to glass. Manufactured from chemical resistant polypropylene, they are ideal for PFAS sampling, testing, storing and transporting.

Key Features

  • Designed to work in most autosamplers
  • Lightweight vials
  • Economical alternative to glass
  • Ideal for PFAS sampling, testing, storing and transporting


Model Number HPLC-112204
Type  100-300µL Polypropylene R.A.M.™ Limited    Volume Vial
Capacity  100-300µL
Color  Clear
Graduations  No
Material  Glass Insert, Clear Plastic Vial
Size  0.47 inches x 1.25 inches (12 mm x 32 mm)
Thread Size  9mm
Diameter  12mm
Height  32mm
Case Qty  1000
Neck Finish  9mm Screw Thread
Vial Volume  2ml
Vial Material  Polypropylene
Vial Color  Clear
Graduations  without Graduations
Marking Spot  without Marking Spot
Vial Closure  9mm Screw Thread
Limited Volume Inserts Material  Conical Glass
Limited Volume Inserts Capacity  100ul

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