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BCA (Bicinchoninic acid) method is a widely used method for protein concentration determination at present. Based on the biuret reaction, that is, in an alkaline environment, the protein reduces Cu2+ to Cu+, producing a purple blue complex, which has a high absorbance value at 562 nm. The amount of the reaction product is proportional to the protein concentration. BCA protein concentration determination method is simple, sensitive, fast and stable. The protein standard provided in the kit provides convenience for users to make standard curves.
The BCA protein concentration determination kit can be used for colorimetric assay and microplate assay. The former requires a large amount (100 μL) of protein sample, The ratio of protein sample to BCA working solution is 1:20 (v/v), which reduces the impact of interfering substances. The latter is simple and convenient to operate, requiring only a small amount (10-25 μL) of protein sample. However, because the ratio of protein sample to BCA working solution is 1:8 (v/v), the tolerance concentration of interfering substances is limited to some extent and the minimum detection level is reduced. Our company provides three sizes of BCA protein concentration detection kits, the colorimetric method can be used for 50 times, 250 times and 500 times respectively. The enzyme labeling method can be used for 500 times, 2500 times and 5000 times respectively.

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