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Do you have a drive to help advance scientific discovery? Do you dislike how large corporations try to maximize their profits at the expense of everyone else? If so, perhaps you would fit well at Biofargo!

Who is Biofargo?

Biofargo Inc. was founded in 2021 to offer professional laboratory equipment and supplies to scientists across the United States. With our team of in-house laboratory specialists and cutting-edge bioscience technology from our global suppliers, we aim to provide our clients with the best one-stop shopping experience.

What makes Biofargo different?

Big suppliers of laboratory products leverage their brand names to overcharge scientists. Many big brands put their names on products they don’t manufacture, then sell them at huge markups. Essentially, they are ripping off the scientists who are trying to make tomorrow's important discoveries. We don't think that's right, and we're trying to do things differently.

At Biofargo, we’ve scoured the world for lesser-known brands with high-quality products - many of them the exact same products that the name brands sell - which we provide to scientists at much more affordable prices. We also look for unique products that were previously unavailable in the US.

Brands don’t help scientists conduct their research your research - the products do. At Biofargo, we strive to ensure that scientists are only paying for the product, not the brand.

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If you feel that you would be a fit at Biofargo, please submit your resume and the position you are interested in to

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