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LCD Digital Thermo Mix - with Heating & Cooling - DLAB

Thermo Mix series allow for precise and efficient heating cooling and mixing, as well as excellent temperature accuracy and uniformity, compatible for a wide range of applications, such as gene...

Dry Bath - LCD Digital Cooling/Heating - Dlab HC110-Pro

Key Features Precise temperature control for heating and cooling Flexible adapter selection Programmable Compatible with various tubes Quick interchange of blocks with magnet adhesion technology and without any tools Block...

DLAB HM100-Pro LCD digital Thermo Mix with heating, mixing

Key Features •   Excellent mixing result•   Stable and wide range of speed adjustment•   Precise temperature control for heating•   Flexible adapter selection•   Programmable•   Compatible with various tubes•   Quick interchange of blocks...

HFM 200 Dry Bath - High Throughput - Rapid Heating - Monad GT20601A

Product Information HFM200 is a professional medium to high temperature incubator with rapid heating process. Four independent heating zones allow you to conduct 4 different incubation experiments with different temperature...

Mini Dry Bath - LCD Digital - Light in Weight - Dlab Mini HCL100

Features: Light in weight. LCD display of both temperature and time. Rapid calibration support. Overheating protection. Optional blocks with different capacities are available. Safe and stable. USB interface to save the...

Digital Dry Bath - With 2pcs Heating Block - Dlab HB105-S2

Key Features A wide range of temperature control up to 105℃/150℃ Overheating protection USB interface can be used to trace historical data Sound reminder function External temperature sensor Block equipped...
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