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Sku: 6031100300
Categories: Instrument

Key Features

  • Wide range of measurement and control, 1-1,000mbar
  • Two control modes available Single-point control and programmed control
  • Stores up to 5 programs, each containing up to 5 steps of programming control
  • Large TFT touch screen display control provides easy operation
  • All parts in contact with vapor or liquid are made of PTFE, ceramics or other high-performance materials which effectively resists corrosion caused by organic solvents, water, acid and alkali
  • Built-in vent valve can feed inert gas into system equipment
  • One-click decompression allows easy installation and dismantling of vacuum system
  • Can be connected with pump power control for temporary shutdown of pump power supply after reaching stable degree of vacuum for energy conservation and environmental protection.
  • Can also be operated in the normally open status of pump
  • Reliable and functional design to fulfill essential needs of precise vacuum regulation



Cat.No. 6031100300
Control mode Single-point control mode, Programmed control mode
Setting method
Touch screen setting
Sensor overload pressure 1,500mbar
Connector diameter
Power 600W
Overall dimensions [WxDxH] 189x207x193mm
Permissible ambient temperature 10-40℃
Applications -
Vacuum setting range 1-1000mbar
Control program Can store up to 5 programs, each containing 5-step control (capable to set the degree of vacuum and time)
Display 5'' TFT
Compatible conditions with vacuum pump Power of 50Hz vacuum pump ≤400W;Power of 60Hz vacuum pump ≤500W
Materials in contact with vapor
PTFE, PP, silicone and ceramics
Voltage,Frequency 110-240V,50/60Hz
Weight 4.0kg
Permissible ambient humidity
≤80% RH

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