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Sku: RT-PCR 140-200
Categories: PCR Mix

Please Choose a DNA polymerase and associated 5x RT-PCR Buffer before you order:
Depending on used DNA polymerases, the kit contains different buffers.

Different DNA polymerases with related buffers

 DNA polymerase

 Fluorescence available 

5x Buffer

Taq polymerase 

SYBR Green  


Taq-Fast polymerase

SYBR Green 


Taq-Probe polymerase 



Footnotes of the table above

-- DNA polymerase is not included in the kit.
-- Taq-Fast polymerase, Cat RT-PCR 148, can extend more than 300 bases with short PCR cycling program.
-- Taq-Probe polymerase, Cat RT-PCR 145, is specially engineered for TaqMan probe, generating S-shaped curve.


Product Introduction:

Thermophilic Reverse Transcriptase: Cat RT-PCR 140, 200U/500U/2500U for 200/500/2500 reactions x 20μL (No ROX, Low ROX or High ROX)


Intended use:

This reverse transcriptase or RNA-dependent DNA polymerase is used for real-time fluorescent RT-PCR with either SYBR Green dye or TaqMan probe.


Product Characteristics:

  • The reverse transcriptase is a thermophilic type A polymerase (US patent pending) with optimal temperatures at 60-62°C, and it is heat-inactivated at ≥90°C (User Manual Tables 1-2).
  • The enzyme efficiently synthesizes a complementary DNA strand on RNA template from a gene-specific primer, ≤1 unit per 20μL of reaction.
  • The enzyme can detect single digit copies of target RNA.
  • The preferable PCR product size is ≤150bp.
  • It is particularly suitable to one-step multiplex RT-PCR. 


Shipping Method:

The standard shipping box contains the cold gel pack.



Technical Data Sheet

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