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TGreen Transilluminator adopts LED blue light source, amber filter and 470-520 nm excitation light material, which can be used for observation and cutting of gels loaded with GFP protein, or nucleic acid stained with a variety of safety dyes/ EB. The TGreen Transilluminator can achieve perfect gel observation and cutting effect with no ultraviolet radiation, and provide a safe and humanized laboratory environment. This instrument can also be applied to other fluorescence observation with excitation wavelengths of 470-520 nm, such as proteins, small animals and plants with GFP tag.


1. High sensitivity: When used with GeneGreen, as low as 0.5 ng (1000 bp) dsDNA can be observed.

2. Safe: Blue light source has no damage to human body, gel and sample.

3. Wide application range: Compatible fluorescent dyes include GeneGreen, GelRed, GelGreen, SYBR Green I, SYBR Safe, Goldview, SYBR Gold, SYPRO Ruby, SYPRO Orange, SYPRO Tangerine, eGFP, Cy2, FITC, EB etc.

4. Long service life: The service life of LED lamps is 50,000 hours.

5. Humanization: Multi-angle rotation of filter facilitates gel cutting.


Dimension (mm) 210 L x 210 W x 30 H
Viewing surface 120 x 70 (mm)
Wavelength 470 (nm)
Amber filter the amber filter is wrapped in a metal frame
LED arrangement the matrix provides double-sided lighting
LED lifetime 50000 (h)
Power 24V DC, 2.5 A power adapter
Maximum adapted gel size 110 x 60 (mm)
Weight 2.3 (kg)


1. TGreen Transilluminator: 1 set

Instrument Installation

Carefully open the package and the shield of the TGreen Transilluminator as follows:
1. First remove the top foam.
2. Remove the instrument from two foam shell and put it on the stable level.
3. Remove the plastic protective film from the transparent glass viewing surface and
amber filter.

Installation and Use

The instrument must be placed on the workbench, and there shall not be obstacles
within 10 cm around the instrument to keep ventilation.
Connect the instrument to the power supply, and the adapter provides 24V DC


  • Do not pour liquid directly on the instrument.

  • Do not block vents.

  • Power off immediately after use.

  • Place in proper area to prevent injury to the operator.

  • The sample surface of the TGreen Transilluminator is a glass plate for cutting gels. After use, use bleach or industrial alcohol to clean the surface of the TGreen Transilluminator.

  • TGreen Transilluminator is equipped with thermal protection to prevent overheating

  • Always wear disposable gloves during operation.

Usage of the Instrument

Put gel/sample in the transparent glass support. It is suggested to wear gloves to prevent skin from contacting gel and dye directly. Turn on the switch, and the LED light in the unit starts to light on the glass support. Turn off the power after viewing the sample or cutting the gel.

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