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Product Description

Superlimit ECL chemiluminescent substrate can be catalysed by horseradish peroxidase labeled on the secondary antibody to produce chemiluminescence reaction and sensitively detect the presence of target protein. The product is developed based on a new generation of enhanced chemiluminescence substrate, and the composition is optimized. This product has low background and good stability, and is ten times more sensitive than ordinary ECL reagent.

This product can be used for Western blot of HRP labeled antibody and nucleic acid hybridization detection of HRP labeled probe. It can expose X-ray film, or directly carry out luminometer detection or fluorescent CCD scanning.

This product has extremely high sensitivity, can detect (10-100) FG antigen, and can use higher antibody dilution ratio (1:2000-1:10000) to save antibody extremely; It can be operated under natural light without entering the darkroom; It emits rapidly and lasts for a long time.


Operating Instructions

1. This product is commonly used for Western Blot detection of HRP-labeled antibodies. Note the use of HRP-labeled IgG or primary antibody-streptavidin-biotin-HRP.

2. Western Blot secondary antibody incubation. After the last wash of the membrane is completed, drain it on filter paper (do not completely dry it). Mix equal volumes of A-Luminol Solution and B-Peroxide Buffe and drop them evenly on the membrane (0.125 mL solution/cm2 membrane), incubate at room temperature 1-2 minuets.

3. Use filter paper to absorb excess luminescent liquid, place the membrane on a clean and flat plastic wrap, and detect it on a chemiluminescence image.



1. For antibodies of different brands, it is recommended to optimize the amount of antibody for the first time to obtain the best effect.

2. When preparing ECL working fluid, the pipette tip must be replaced when absorbing liquid A and liquid B. Mutual contamination will cause the gradual failure of liquid A and liquid B. The working liquid should be prepared and used immediately. The sensitivity will decrease after being left at room temperature for several hours.

3. After preparing the Superlimit ECL Chemiluminescent Substrate, please tighten the bottle cap. Do not expose the kit to sunlight or strong light, otherwise it will become inactivated.

4. The fluorescence of SuperLimit ECL Chemiluminescent Substrate will last for a long time, but the fluorescence will be strongest within 30 minutes after the reaction, and then the fluorescence will gradually weaken.

5. Metal oxide particles may cause granular spots on the membrane. Avoid using rusty scissors and tweezers. It is recommended to use plastic flat-tipped tweezers.

6. Both Liquid A and Liquid B are harmful to the human body, please pay attention to protection when using them.

7. This product is only used for scientific research by professionals, for your safety and health, please wear a lab coat and disposable gloves.


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Storage and Transportation

Stored at 2℃~8℃ protected from light, with a shelf life of 12 months.

If not used for a long time, it can be stored at -25℃~-15℃.

Transported on blue ice.



SuperLimit ECL Chemiluminescent Substrate

SuperLimit ECL Chemiluminescent Substrate-MSDS

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