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Product Description

SuperDissol Instant TGS Buffer is white to off-white instant granules, and each pack of this product can produce 1 L of 1 ×TGS Buffer, which is easy to operate and use. The main components of TGS are Tris, glycine and SDS. The concentration of Tris and glycine in 1 ×TGS Buffer is 25 mM and 192 mM, and the content of SDS is 0.1%. Instant TGS Buffer is commonly used as electrophoresis buffer for SDS-PAGE.

Note: The pH value of 1× solution is 8.3±0.2@25℃.


Operating Instruction

1. Place a clean beaker, and add the entire contents of a newly opened pack of Instant TGS Buffer.

2. Measure about 500 ml of pure water, slowly add it into the beaker, and gently stir with a stir bar until it is completely dissolved. (This step can also be performed with magnetic stirrer)

3. Transfer the TGS solution in Step 2 into a constant volume container, and add water to dilute to 1 L, which is 1 × working solution.


Schematic Diagram of Instant Buffer Preparation


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Storage and Transportation

Store at room temperature of 10°C~30°C, protected from light, with a shelf life of 36 months.



SuperDissol Instant TGS Buffer

SuperDissol Instant TGS Buffer-MSDS


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