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Sku: S811-001-500

Product Details:

Cat Number

Volume 500 ml
Storage -20°C
State Frozen
Application Cell Assay
Sterility Sterile-filtered
Type Cell Growth Media


This product has super high cost performance, and its physical and chemical indicators can be completely comparable to the top-grade fetal bovine serum. It is an economical and effective product that is widely applicable to the growth and maintenance of various types of cells.


Fetal bovine serum is a highly cost-effective serum product from Uruguay, an area free of BSE. The product is suitable for most cell lines and stem cells and has excellent performance in primary cell culture.

Fetal bovine serum (FBS) is widely used in eukaryotic cell culture, typically as a supplement for growth media. Fetal bovine serum contains nutritional and embryonic growth promoting factors that are essential for a successful cell culture. Further, fetal bovine serum contains various small molecules, such as, e.g., amino acids, lipids, sugars, and hormones.

Fetal bovine serum (FBS) is the blood component obtained after coagulation and removal of cellular components. Its unique and comprehensive mix makes FBS one of the most important supplements for supporting cell growth and proliferation for in vitro cell culture.


  • Triple 0.1 um Sterile filtered
  • Mycoplasma detection and virus screening
  • Fetal bovine serum from Uruguay
  • Legal imports,No freezing and thawing

This treatment allows to destroy the complement acting in the immune system to avoid an interference with some experimentation, in particular the tests of immunology. Excellent for research involving immune response, viral studies, cytotoxicity assays, and stem cells.

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