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Sku: P310013-0050
Categories: Enzyme


Full name SpeedyCut DpnI
Applications Fast enzymatic digestion
Summary SpeedyCut family of restriction enzymes is a series of fast enzymes that rapidly cleave DNA in less than 5-15 minutes. The SpeedyCut series of restriction enzymes are suitable for rapid digestion of plasmid DNA, PCR products, or genomic DNA through multiple stringent quality control steps.
Features All SpeedyCut restriction enzymes are compatible with the universal SpeedyOne buffer, which can be combined in any combination within a unified reaction system, eliminating the need for multiple single digestions or buffer changes, making it convenient, stable, fast, and accurate to cleave vectors.
Composition 50 ul enzyme, 10X SpeedyOne buffer
Recognition Site 5'…-GA m6↓TC-…3' 3'…-C T↑A m6G-…5'
Reaction Buffer 10X SpeedyOne Buffer
Recommended Reaction Temperature 37°C
Unit Definition At 37°C, in a 20 μl reaction system, 1 μl enzyme can completely digest 1μg λDNA in 15 minutes.
Methylation Effects Dam: Cannot cleave dam– DNA; Dcm: Methylation does not affect;CpG: Cleavage is blocked.
Thermal Inactivation Heat at 80 °C for 20 min to lose activity.
Applications Fast enzymatic digestion
Component 50 ul enzyme, 10X SpeedyOne buffer





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