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Product Information 

The latest generation of DLAB light-weight, fully-autoclavable, manual pipette with ergonomic design adopts the new piston structure, metal screw structure, fluorine rubber compound sealing ring and other technologies to reduce the pipetting resistance and delivers smooth and effortless pipetting experience. It is UV sterilizable and chemical corrosion-resistant. HiPette also feature volume lock that helps protect you from accidental volume changing, and achieve reliable pipetting of the smallest volume of liquid.


Product Features

  • Ultra Light-weight: Product weighs less than 75g, reducing fatigue.
  • Accurate Pipetting: Special material and updated components and technologies effectively reduce the operating force for accuracy, precision, and reliability.
  • Complete Sterilization: Fully-autoclavable and offers protection against chemical and physical corrosion, and enhanced UV resistance.
  • Filter System: Reduces volatile liquid entry into the pipette body and helps avoid liquid back-flow caused by improper operation, preventing piston corrosion and contamination.
  • One-key Volume Lock: Prevents you from accidentally changing the volume setting.




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