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Sku: P98-4217
Categories: CryoKING Biobanking
2D barcode and human-readable numbers on the side of SBS format racks; 2D barcode at the bottom of racks, cryogenic vials and racks can be traced at the same time.

Simple yet powerful mechanical locking function and slide the buttons on both sides to unlock .

Laser etched 2D barcodes, resistant to DMSO and other organic solvents .

SBS format rack fits 96-well format cryogenic vials perfectly for automatic operations .


Working temperature: stable from -196℃ to 121℃.

Suitable for liquid nitrogen freezing.

Cat # Vial Volume Wells Color Dimension(mm) Unit
98-4127 300μl & 500μl 96-well square white 128x85x35 10/Pack
2 Packs/Case

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