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Components Shipping Condition Unit Size Product Line Detection Method
qPCR Reaction Buffer -20℃, protect from light 4x100 Reactions SHENTEK™ Probe-based qPCR
HEK293 Primer&Probe MIX-75      
HEK293 Primer&Probe MIX-122      
HEK293 Primer&Probe MIX-244      
HEK293 Primer&Probe MIX-562      
IPC MIX      
DNA Dilution Buffer (DDB) -20℃      
Vero DNA Control      


SHENTEK™ Residual HEK293 DNA Size Analysis Kit is used to quantitate HEK293 DNA residues of different fragment sizes for various stages of biopharmaceutical products, from in-process samples to final products. This kit utilizes real-time PCR technology to perform rapid and specific quantitation of residual HEK293 DNA fragments in samples. It is designed to amplify four different fragments (75bp, 122bp, 244bp, 562bp) for the accurate determination of their size distribution with the LOD level of femtograms. For extraction information, please refer to the SHENTEK™ Residual Host Cell DNA Sample Preparation Kit User Guide (Product No. 1104191).



Range 3x10-2-3x102 pg/μL, R2 ≥0.990, AE=96.8%-102.1% 
Accuracy Recovery = 76.0%-121.1%, CV<40%
LOQ 0.03 pg/μL
Precision 4.0%-35.4% (<40%)
Robustness Freeze-thaw stability over 5 cycles
Instrument suitability not limited to Thermo, Biorad, Roche, HZSKBio qPCR equipments

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