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Store at 4°C and protect from light, Long-term storage can be
stored at -20ºC. Expiration date marked on the outer packing.


  • QbtestTM X-Green II dsDNA Quantitation Kit Plus is sensitive fluorescence detection method which can be used to quantify the dsDNA. In molecular biology, it is commonly used in the construction of cDNA library and the purification and application of subcloned DNA fragments, such as DNA quantification, product amplification and further detection of primers. The conventional DNA content detection method is to measure its absorbance at 260 nm.
  • The main disadvantage of this method is that nucleotides, single-stranded nucleic acids and proteins have a great influence on the signal, and they are also interfered by for Research Use only contaminants in the nucleic acid preparation process.Unable to distinguish between DNA and RNA, and the sensitivity is low (5 μg/mL dsDNAA260=0.1).
  • QbtestTM X-Green II emits fluorescence only after binding dsDNA, and the fluorescence intensity is proportional to the DNA concentration. QbtestTM X-Green II dsDNA Quantification Kit Plus can detect dsDNA in the range of 10 pg/μL-100 ng/μL, and the linear relationship is good (R2>0.99). The kit can be used for Qubit and can replace imported similar products.


  • Please try to avoid light to slow down the quenching of fluorescence.
  • 1× QbtestTM X-Green II working solution is prepared when used to ensure the best results.



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