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  • Oleylamine (AO V) is organic synthetic intermediates, it is an intermediate of organic synthesis.

  • Oleylamine (AO V) is synthetic raw materials for amine ether products, which is widely used in daily chemical personal care, textiles, demulsifiers, dyes, pigments, antistatic agents, and paper additives industries.

  • Oleylamine (AO V) is the synthetic raw materials for fungicides.

  • Oleylamine (AO V) has been widely used in mineral flotation.

  • Oleylamine (AO V) can also be used as raw materials for fertilizer anti-caking agents.

  • Oleylamine (AO V) is used as a curing agent for epoxy resin and has good activity.


CAS No. 112-90-3
MF C18H37N
Appearance White solid
Content % 98.0min
Total amine value mgKOH/g 207-216
Color APHA 60.0max
Lodine value g/hg 70.0min
Water % 0.3max

Package and Storage

Iron drum,160KG/drum. Storage for one year in room, a cool and ventilated place, keep away from moisture and sun.

Safety Protection

Oleylamine (AO V) is a chemical synthesis intermediate material. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Once contact, flush with water and send to doctors.


Oleylamine (AO V)
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