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Shrimp hemocyanin (SHC), a highly soluble hemocyanin from the Penaeus vannamei (P. vannamei) , is used as a substitute for KLH. Similar to KLH, SHC serves as a carrier protein for conjugation of hapten (including peptides, nucleic acids, drugs, or toxins). The conjugates would make these haptens highly immunogenic. The immunogenicity of SHC is comparable to KLH. However, the solubility is significantly higher, especially after hapten conjugation. Thus, SHC is advantageous for antibody or vaccine generation (reference).



Hemocyanin (Non-activated)

Catalog # Size
HW101S 10 mg
HW101 100 mg
HW101L 100 mg×10


Hemocyanin (SMCC activated)

Catalog # Size
HW102S 2 mg
HW102 10 mg
HW102L 100 mg



Product Features

  • Highly immunogenic :SHC owns the comparable immunogenicity to KLH
  • High-yield conjugation:Conjugation efficiency higher than KLH
  • Excellent solubility:SHC is more soluble than KLH , and is compatible with poorly soluble haptens
  • Highly purity:Purity ≥ 98%
  • Excellent performance:Verified through hundreds of antibody generation test
  • High cost-performance ratio:The price is lower than KLH



SHC could be used for rabbit polyclonal antibody generation

Peptides targeting the indicated proteins were designed and conjugated to SHC. Rabbit serum was harvested 30 days after the first immunization.
A Confirmation of the rabbit serum application in WB detection. Of note, equal cell numbers were loaded.

B Confirmation of the rabbit serum application in IHC detection. Various organs were used for test.

SHC could be used for mouse monoclonal antibody development

SHC owns the comparable immunogenicity to KLH


Generation of SHC-peptide conjugates


SHC purification

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