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Sku: BO311-002
Categories: PCR & qPCR
Concentration of mycoplasma scavenging reagent II: 100 x

Mycoplasma scavenging reagents contain drugs that inhibit mycoplasma protein synthesis and inhibit mycoplasma DNA synthesis. It only needs to be treated for 7-14 days to achieve the goal of permanent killing and removal of mycoplasma. At present, this product has been verified on more than 20 kinds of cells (such as 293T, Cho-k1, SP2/0, Hela, LX2, ST, Jurkat, HA-VSMC, Min-6, 4T1, etc.), all of which can effectively clear mycoplasma, and no obvious toxic and side effects on cells were found.

Usage method

1. Before use, dilute mycoplasma scavenging reagent Ⅰ by 10 times with PBS and then pack (mycoplasma scavenging reagent II does not need to be diluted and directly pack for use), and store in the refrigerator at 4℃ (If the remaining reagent is not used within a short period of time, it should be frozen at -20℃ to avoid the loss of efficacy). Add to complete medium at 1:100 volume ratio when using.

2. Using the T25 cell culture bottle as an example, 500,000-1,000,000 cells were spread into the T25 cell culture bottle and 4-6 mL of fresh complete medium containing mycoplasma scavenging reagent was added.

3. Replace fresh complete medium with mycoplasma scavenging reagent every 2-3 days. If the cells are overgrown or too dense, appropriate amount of cells should be added to a new T25 cell culture flask after passage, and fresh complete medium containing mycoplasma scavenging reagents should be added.

4. After 7 days of treatment, the mycoplasma detection kit can be used to detect whether the mycoplasma is completely cleared. If there is still residual mycoplasma, continue processing for 3-6 days before testing. It is recommended to retest mycoplasma after 1 month to ensure that there is no new mycoplasma contamination.

Preservation method

Store at -20 ℃

Matters needing attention

In the process of using mycoplasma scavenging reagent, if the cell morphology or proliferation rate is found to be changed, the concentration of the scavenging reagent can be appropriately reduced.

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