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Components Shipping Condition Unit Size Product Line Detection Method
MB qPCR Reaction Buffer -20℃, protect from light 50 Reactions MycoSHENTEK Probe-based qPCR
MB Primer & Probe MIX      
MB Internal Control (IC) -20℃      
MB Positive Control (PC)      
DNA Dilution Buffer (DDB)      


MycoSHENTEK™ Mycobacteria DNA Detection Kit is used, together with MycoSHENTEK™ Mycobacteria DNA Extraction Kit, to qualitatively determine whether there is Mycobacteria contamination in cells, cell culture-derived biologicals, etc., using real-time qPCR techonology. The integrated system has been fully validated at a detection limit of 10-100 CFU/mL to detect more than 100 different Mycobacteria species. The system contains dUTP, and if used with the UNG enzyme to prevent contamination and eliminate carry-over contamination Internal Control (IC) can be added to a PCR amplification reaction mixture to evaluate whether a test sample inhibits the amplification reaction and may result in false negative results. It can also be added to the sample before extraction to evaluate the extraction efficiency. For extraction information, please refer to MycoSHENTEK™ Mycobacteria DNA Extraction Kit User Guide (Product No.: 1503601).



Inclusivity More than 100 different Mycobacteria species
Detection Limit 10 CFU/test or 20 copies/test (Positive cut-off: 95%)
Specificity No matrix-induced effect across different sample matrices and no cross-reactivity to different cell lines, bacteria or fungi
Robustness Freeze-thaw stability over 5 cycles
Instrument suitability not limited to Thermo, Biorad, Roche, Jena, HZSKBio qPCR equipments
Consistent performance to the slight variations of reaction system and amplification procedure


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