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notes: It is non-toxic, non-volatile, and non-corrosive antimicrobial and fungicidal agent used to disinfect water tray in CO2 incubators.


Mycoplasma contamination not only involves places that directly contact cells such as cell culture plates, culture reagents, or ultra-clean benches but also equipment such as water trays and water baths in cell culture incubators that may cause mycoplasma contamination. In addition to providing scavenging agents that directly remove mycoplasma agents, normal cells are also provided with mycoplasma preventive agents to prevent mycoplasma contamination. It mainly includes the following aspects: reagent prevention (directly added to the cell culture medium), ultra-clean bench prevention (spray), water bath prevention (directly added to the water bath) cell incubator water tray prevention, etc.

Just like Aquaguard-1 from Biological Industry, this product is a mycoplasma prevention reagent in the water plate of the CO2 incubator. It is provided in the form of a 100× concentrated solution. It can be directly added to the water plate according to the proportion when using it. It is recommended to replace it every 2~4 weeks.


Key Feature

  • Broad-Spectrum and Highly Effective: Specifically designed to eliminate microbial contamination in water baths, including bacteria, fungi, and mycoplasma, without the risk of bacterial resistance development.

  • High Safety Profile: Non-irritating, non-corrosive, and non-volatile. Completely degrades within 7-10 days. Mouse and rabbit feeding and irritation tests have shown no adverse reactions.

  • Convenient to Use: Easy to operate, saving time and effort.



Add this product directly to the water plate in CO2 Incubator at a ratio of 1:100, and perform treatment every 7-10 days.



Store at room temperature




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