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Product Composition

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Instant TBS-T
Blocking Buffer
20 packs/box 100 packs/box

 Note: The pH value of 1 × solution is 7.4±0.2@25°C.


Storage and Transportation Conditions

Store at room temperature of 10-30°C, protected from light, with a shelf life of 12 months.


Product Description

Instant TBS-T Blocking Buffer is off-white to light yellow granules, and each pack of this product can produce 100 ml TBS-T Blocking Buffer, which is easy to operate. Its main component is the selected fish gelatin protein, and the content of protein is 5% after being prepared into 1 × working solution. It is used for antibody blocking steps of Western Blot and ELISA, and provides the TBS-T Blocking Buffer containing the detergent Tween 20.
The fish gelatin used in Instant TBS-T Blocking Buffer is compatible with most proteins, providing excellent reactivity and compatibility, which can complete the blocking within 15 minutes, shortening the user's experimental time. It has been premixed with TBS-T for easy use, and the presence of detergent Tween 20 improves the blocking efficiency in many Western Blot detection reactions.



Preparation Steps

1. Place a clean beaker, and add the entire contents of a newly opened pack of Instant TBS-T Blocking Buffer.

2. Measure about 50 ml of pure water, slowly add it into the beaker, and gently stir with a stir bar until it is completely dissolved. (This step can also be performed with magnetic stirrer)

3. Transfer the Instant TBS-T Blocking Buffer in Step 2 into a constant volume container, and add water to dilute to 100 ml, which is 1 × working solution.


Blocking Steps

1. After the transfer is completed, put the transfer membrane into the hybrid incubation box, add 10~20 ml of 1 × TBS-T Blocking Buffer, cover the surface of the carrier, and incubate it at room temperature for about 10 min on a desktop horizontal shaker;

Note: The blocking effect of this product for 10 min is significantly better than that of conventional BSA for 1 h. For antibodies with higher background, the blocking time can be extended to 30~60 min.

2. The blocking membrane can be used for subsequent experiments such as primary antibody incubation.



SuperDissol™ Instant TBS-T Blocking Buffer-Biosci

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