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Product Description

Fast Western Blot Transfer Buffer 10× is a transfer buffer used in Western blot. This buffer generates low heat, has a fast transfer rate, and has a good transfer effect on macromolecular proteins that are difficult to transfer. At the same time, this buffer can shorten the time difference between small molecule proteins and large molecule proteins for membrane transfer, and achieve efficient transfer of proteins of different molecular weights on the same membrane.


Operating Instructions

1. According to the buffer volume required in the transfer tank, prepare 1× Transfer Buffer in the ratio of Transfer Buffer 10× : methanol/ethanol: water = 1:2:7, mix well and set aside.

2. Prepare the equipment, transfer membrane and gel required for transfer.

3. Add 1× Fast Western Blot Transfer Buffer to the transfer tank, set the electrophoresis apparatus to a constant current of 400 mA (voltage is approximately in the range of 75 V~85 V), and start transfer.



1. This product is suitable for transfer of NC membrane and PVDF membrane. The transfer time required for NC membrane is about 10-20 minutes, and the transfer time required for PVDF membrane is about 20-30 minutes. The above data is for reference only. Please adjust the transfer time appropriately according to the actual situation during the experiment to achieve the best results.

2. It is suggested that the transferred PVDF membrane be soaked in methanol for a few seconds before being dyed with Ponceau red to achieve better results.

3. The prepared transfer solution can be reused 2-3 times. It is recommended to increase the transfer time by 2-3 minutes for each reuse. The time required for different electrophoresis instruments is different, please refer to the electrophoresis instrument used in the experiment.

4. To prevent the temperature from being too high, please transfer the membrane in an ice bath.

5. This product is only used for scientific research by professionals, for your safety and health, please wear a lab coat and disposable gloves.


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Storage and Transportation

Store at 2℃~30℃ for 24 months.

Normal temperate transportation.



Fast Western Blot Transfer Buffer 10×

Fast Western Blot Transfer Buffer 10×-MSDS


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