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E-Blot Touch imager makes chemiluminescence imaging simple and easy.
The revolutionary touch chemiluminescence imaging technology of e-Blot takes full advantage of the high sensitivity of the chemiluminescence method, overcomes many shortcomings of cold CDD imaging, and improves the imaging sensitivity, 2-3 logs higher quantitative range and efficiency, leading western imaging into a whole new era.

Benefits of E-Blot touch imager:

  • 2 orders of magnitude higher than cooled CCD on sensitivity.
  • 2 orders of magnitude higher than cooled CCD on quantita-tive range.
  • More than 95% of the samples are imaged within seconds.
  • Suitable for direct isotope imaging at low cost.
  • Compact size, saves 90% of space.
  • No need to optimize te imaging.One-click to get ideal result
  • Signal-indestructive contact imaging - the first instrument to achieve absolute sensitivity unmatched by compression technology:
1) optical film imaging 2) cold ccd imaging 3) E-blot contact imaging

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