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The streptavidin magnetic beads are uniform size, narrow size distribution with large surface area and unique surface coating, it is easy to capture the biotinylated proteins or other molecules, and the bounded protein have no activity lost, can help us get the best performance and highly reproducible results.


Product Description:

Streptavidin Magnetic Beads are densely coated with Streptavidin. They are utilized in the magnetic separation and isolation of biotin-labeled proteins and nucleic acids for protein interaction studies, DNA-protein pulldowns, and purification of biotin-labeled proteins and nucleic acids.


The magnetic beads are incubated with a sample containing the target analyte and then held by a magnet next to the tube. After the unbound contaminants are washed from the beads, the bound analyte is eluted from the beads with an elution buffer (not provided). With the magnet immobilizing the beads, the eluted analyte is transferred to a new tube.


Magnetic Beads are superparamagnetic, non-aggregating iron oxide particles (or ‘microspheres’) for capturing or purifying targets such as proteins, antigens, antibodies, DNA/RNA, cells, and more. The design enables faster binding kinetics, with high sensitivity & selectivity, in many biomedical and research applications, including automated HTS and manual applications.

Superior yield, purity, and quality over the leading competitors, all at a better value, because we design and manufacture them in-house.


Product Features:

  • Multiple Advantages: Over conventional methods (columns, centrifugation).
  • Superior Performance: We've designed them to match or outperform the competition.
  • Superior Capacity and Yield: High binding capacity for rapid and efficient target purification.
  • Superior Purity: Stable, pre-blocked particles provide clean purification even from complex samples.
  • Customizable: We can modify or create to suit your needs.



Bead mean diameter

~0.5 µm

Bead concentration

5 mg/mL

Binding capacity

> 60 µg biotin/mg of beads

Additional Notes

  • Irregular surface, large surface area
  • Pre-blocked
  • Stronger magnetic response than competing beads of the same size
  • Non-porous
  • Ferric oxide core functionalized with various silane groups
  • Non-clumping



This product can be used as isotype control of protein pre-coupled magnetic beads(particle size 2μm) in various applications, and it also can be used for preparation of protein coupled magnetic beads by loading desired biotinylated proteins for immunocapture, biopanning and flow cytometry, etc..

This product is produced non-sterile.


Storage and Handling: 

This product is stable for 1 year when stored at -20 °C.

Please avoid more than 3 freeze-thaw cycles. Immediate use after reconstitution is highly recommended.



Streptavidin beads are monosized, monodispersed, superparamagnetic, and hydrophobic beads covalently coupled to streptavidin. They are blocked with BSA and intended for use in the isolation and handling of biotinylated nucleic acids, antibodies, and other biotinylated ligands. The excellent dispersion abilities and the absence of magnetic remanence make the Dynabeads streptavidin products ideal for both manual and automated protocols, including microfluidic system protocols.

Benefits of  M-280 Streptavidin beads include:
• Performance—high sensitivity and reproducibility secure consistent results
• Efficiency—fast binding kinetics and high binding capacity
• Flexibility—flexible protocols with gentle and efficient liquid-phase reaction kinetics
• Automation ready—easy automation for high-throughput needs on the Kingfisher Purification System

Consistency and reproducibility  
The monolayer of streptavidin leaves most biotin-binding sites available for the binding of free biotin and biotinylated ligands. The specific and defined surface allows for efficient capture, separation, and downstream handling. In addition, the low size distribution (<5%) of the monosized beads and the streptavidin monolayer ensure negligible leakage, providing batch consistency and reproducibility of results.

High binding capacity 
The size of the ligand and the biotinylation procedure will affect the binding capacity. The capacity also depends on steric availability and charge interaction between bead and ligand and between ligands. With two or three biotin binding sites available for each streptavidin molecule on the surface of the bead after immobilization, one mg of  M-280 Streptavidin typically binds: 
• 490-750 pmol free biotin
• 10 µg biotinylated IgG
• ∼200 pmol biotinylated peptides
• ∼10 µg biotinylated ds-DNA
• ∼200 pmol biotinylated ss-oligonucleotides

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