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Electronic Titrator, the dTrite Digital Burette provides accurate, precise and convenient bottle-top titration, as well as optimum operator safety.  It combines both magnetic stirrer and titrator functions, making it easier for the operator to achieve satisfactory results in the field of analytical chemistry, food industry, water analysis etc.


Key Features

  • High quality motor providing excellent precision and accuracy
  • Electronic control decreases the repetitive strain injury
  • Remote control panel prevents manual disturbance during operation
  • Built-in magnetic stirrer support



Specifications dTrite
Volume Range 0.01mL-99.99mL, Max piston lift is 10mL, resolution is  10μL
Volume Accuracy R=0.2% CV=0.07%
Velocity 16 stages
Operating Temperature Range 10~30℃
Quality Control DIN EN ISO 8655
Control Type External control, including the stirrer and the burette program

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