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Sku: CKS-L030Q125

Product Details

Weight: 38.50 lbs

Liquid nitrogen tank 31.5 L/ 35.5 L, neck diameter 125mm,max.

Capacity: 600vials

Including 6 square racks(4 layers) with 5*5 cryogenic boxes

Lockable lids are included. carrying carts can be ordered

The laboratory series has the advantages of low liquid nitrogen consumption and medium storage capacity. It has the advantages of small space requirements and efficient storage of large-capacity samples, which can meet different needs.



◆ Durable aluminum structure

◆ Equipped with racks and vial boxes

◆ Large capacity, low liquid nitrogen consumption

◆ Lockable lid is optional, to keep the safety of samples

◆ Carrying cart is optional

◆ CE certified

◆ Five years vacuum warranty



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