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Note: This Smart Tager is compatible with the ST301.


Product Introduction

  • SMART Tager 3.0 is an innovative applicator,which allows for continuous and fast application of Ear Tags to lab animals for the purpose of labeling, category and management.

  • Unlike any other ear applicators, SMART Tager 3.0 is specifically designed, built for continuous ear tagging. One single load of ear tag clip is able to label 20 animals. Easy, Fast and Efficient!

  • As a second-generation product, the ST301 has been optimized based on the first generation, enhancing durability and ease of use. It maintains the original design concept while introducing more advanced materials and technology to improve the user experience.

  • The sterilization process for the SMART Tager and tags, and the material of the ear tag strips, remain the same as the ST101 to ensure the safety and durability of the tags. Material: Upgraded stainless steel and advanced alloy.

  • These modifications help customers clearly understand the main differences between the ST101 and ST301, especially the improvements and optimizations in the ST301 as a second-generation product.

  • We recommend using wet steam sterlization at 120-125℃ for at least 30 minutes in an autoclave to sterlize the SMART Tager 3.0 applicator.

  • Smart Tager 3.0 Ear Tag Clips can be stenlized for 1 hours by dry heat for 135 degrees centigrade, or use 75% alcohol and other disinfectants for immersion sterilization.


Single ear tag outside:6.85mm length x 3.85mm width
Single ear tag inside:5.65mm length x 2.55mm height



Small Animal Ear Tag and labeling
Research/Lab Animals including Mouse, Rat, Fish, etc.


Loading  the  SmartClip  Applicator

Flip the clip retainer toward the open side of the Applicator and replace the clip.


Cleaning and Maintenance

Ear Tags are not reusable,discard used ear tags according to local procedures. If the Ear Tags came in contact with animal tissue, treat the used Ear Tags as patentially bio-hazardous materials.

Cean the SmartTager 3.0 Applicator immediately after each use. Do not let blood or tissue dry on the device.

Use a nonionic, PH neutral (6.5-7.5) detergent and warm water to completely clean the device. Visitle tissue residues must not be left on the dewice. Rinse with capious amounts of purified water.

Do not use bleach or chlorine bleach containing detergents to clean the device or its components.

Do not use solvents or chemicals not recommended above to clean the device as those materials may reduce its useful life.


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