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Full name BsmBI
Applications It is commonly used in experiments such as Golden Gate assembly, rapid cloning, and preparation of a large number of linearized plasmids
Summary BsmBI is the isoschizoid enzyme of the SpeedyCut series restriction enzyme Esp3I, but because the reaction buffer is optimized to maximize the activity of BsmBI endonuclease, it becomes an independent system Buffer, which cannot be shared with the general SpeedyOne Buffer, and the recombinant albumin component is added to the reaction buffer, which greatly improves the stability of the enzyme.
Features Stability is better than that of isoschizozyme Esp3I for a large number of linearized plasmid preparations.
Composition 1ul BsmBI,1X BsmBI buffer (dedicated)
Recognition Site 5'…-CGTCTC(N)1↓…-3' 3'…-GCAGAG(N)5↑…-5'
Reaction Buffer 1X BsmBI buffer (dedicated)
Recommended Reaction Temperature 55°C
Unit Definition One unit of activity refers to the amount of enzyme required to completely digest 1 μg of λDNA in a 5 μl reaction system at 5℃ for 1 hour.
Methylation Effects Dam: Methylation does not affect; Dcm: Methylation does not affect; CpG: Sequences overlap completely, cleavage blocked; EcoKI: Methylation does not affect; EcoBI: Sequences may overlap and cleavage may be blocked.
Thermal Inactivation Heat at 8°C for 2 min to lose activity





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