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Note:Multi-Channel Processing,Customizable Processing,User-Friendly Design,Increased Throughput,Time and Labor Savings,Enhanced Operation Experience.



The BoFU-1600 (Bowl Focused Ultrasonicators) is a multi-channel focused ultrasound sample processing system within the BoFU series. It features 16 sample positions, catering to the automated and batch processing needs of large to medium-sized laboratories. With precise software control and automated instrument operation, it allows for both batch processing and customizable selection of sample quantity and ultrasound conditions. In addition to inheriting the user-friendly and precise strip control advantages of the BoFU series, it offers higher throughput, time and labor savings, and a more user-friendly operation experience.


Instrument Parameters

Parameter/Instrument Model BoFU-1600
Dimensions 600mm*420mm*400mm
Tank Volume 400ml
Weight 30kg
Maximum Power 100w
Sample Position 16
Sample Volume 25ul-2ml
Preset Parameters 10
Temperature Control 4℃-25℃ ±0.5℃
Mode Single/Batch Processing
Cooling Method External
Waste Liquid Storage Two Weeks
Batch Input Available
Input Operation Touch Screen Panel



Introduction to Technical Principles

The BoFU ultrasonic system utilizes advanced co-focusing technology to precisely focus high-frequency, short-wavelength sound waves onto the sample, resulting in a highly controllable sample preparation process. High-frequency focused sound waves create a localized high-pressure zone in the target area, generating a controlled pressure flux and acoustic field. Under high-intensity 'dosing,' cavitation bubbles are formed, which shear the sample.


Technological Advancement

Traditional probe-type or tank-type ultrasonic generators use low-frequency, divergent sound wave energy within the range of human hearing. Unfocused sound wave energy dissipates rapidly and converts into thermal energy (the first law of thermodynamics) during this process. The quick dissipation of low-frequency sound energy leads to reduced efficiency, requiring a large amount of sound energy to achieve the desired effects. The excess energy produces heat that can cause significant damage to the sample's structure.

Probe-type ultrasonic generators come into direct contact with the sample, allowing for more energy to be concentrated on the sample compared to tank-type ultrasonic generators. However, direct contact with small sample volumes can lead to sample cross-contamination and tip corrosion, reducing ultrasonic efficiency. Tank-type ultrasonic generators separate the sample from the energy source but require more energy input than probe-type ultrasonic generators, causing greater heat damage to the samples.



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