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Usage, Principle, and Purpose of Animal Blood Collection Bag:

An animal blood collection bag is a device used to collect blood samples from animals. The procedure for its usage is as follows:

1. Preparation: Ensure that the blood collection bag is sterile to avoid any contamination. Also, gather the necessary equipment, such as a blood collection needle and disinfectants.

2. Animal preparation: Place the animal in a suitable position, ensuring it is relatively calm and not stressed.

3. Blood collection procedure: After disinfecting the skin, insert the blood collection needle into the animal's vein or artery and connect the needle to the blood collection bag. Blood will start flowing into the bag.

4. Completion of blood collection: Once a sufficient blood sample is collected, remove the needle from the animal and promptly apply pressure to stop bleeding. Finally, handle the blood collection site appropriately.

The animal blood collection bag is typically made of a sealable, sterile, and flexible material that can hold the collected blood sample. Its design allows blood to flow in, and once the collection is complete, the bag can be conveniently sealed to prevent leaks and contamination.

The primary purpose of the animal blood collection bag is to collect blood samples from animals for various clinical and laboratory diagnostics. To conduct scientific research and experiments to understand animal physiology and pathology.

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