Product Introduction

  • Bottom is 60% thinner than conventional polyester plates, resulting in lower background fluorescence values and readings below 340 nm
  • Opaque well walls to prevent inter-well interference
  • Light-transmitting bottom of microtiter wells allows direct microscopic observation
  • Instrument can be used for both top and bottom readings
  • Flat bottom 360 μL total volume
  • Recommended working volume of 75 to 200 μL
  • Non-reversible lid with condensation ring to reduce contamination
  • Gamma sterilization and heat source free certification
  • Individually packaged


  • Material: black polystyrene plate (Ideal for fluorescent assays), flat bottom clear polystyrene, round clear wells
  • Features: lid, skirt, sterile
  • Plate format: 96 wells standard
  • Package: case of 48 pkg of (individually wrapped)
  • Size: 96 wells
  • Volume of hole: 360 μL
  • Working volume of the hole:75-200 μL
  • Color: Black
  • Surface area:0.32 cm2 (cell growth area)
  • Application: Suitable for (fluorescent/luminescent assays)
  • Binding type: Tissue Culture (TC)-treated surface


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