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Sku: 211220

Product Introduction:

The 4×LAMP MasterMix contains all the components required for LAMP amplification, and can be used for LAMP isothermal amplification, which is Reverse Transcription Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification and utilizes 4 template-specific. It uses 4 template-specific primers, reverse transcriptase and Bst DNA polymerase 2.0 (8U/uL) with strand-swapping ability to complete reverse transcription and LAMP amplification in 30-60 minutes at isothermal conditions (around 65°C). This technique is comparable to or better than qualitative PCR in terms of sensitivity, specificity and detection range, without the need for expensive instrumentation. It has been successfully applied to rapid biological assays and is widely used in various fields.

Product Features:

  • Ready-to-use, contains red electrophoresis tracer, can be directly sampled after amplification, no need for sample loading solution.
  • 4× concentration, providing more space for adding samples, which can increase the chance of detection.
  • High specificity, carefully optimized formulation, non-specific amplification is lower than self-assembled reagents.
  • high amplification efficiency, generally an order of magnitude more sensitive than PCR.
  • Isothermal amplification around 65°C, no need for expensive instruments.
  • The kit is sufficient for 50 times of LAMP amplification of 20uL system.
  • The amplification control is provided to facilitate the analysis of the cause when difficulties are encountered.
  • This product can only be used for research, not for clinical use.



Component Category No. Unit Size Packaging Material
4×LAMP MasterMix
(with electrophoretic tracer, enzyme to be added)
211220a 200uL 0.5 mL tube w/ white cap
Bst DNA polymerase 2.0(8U/uL) 11-220319 50uL 0.5 mL tube w/ red cap
Positive control template - primer mixture 210801 50uL 0.5 mL tube w/ blue cap
User Manual 211220sc 1 N/A

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