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Sku: WHB-S4

Product Introduction

3 mL capacity with 176mm extended length design makes this the perfect pipette to transfer liquid in and out of container at ease. Simply submerge the tip into the liquid, squeeze the bulb to draw up the liquid, release, then squeeze again to transfer liquid into another container. Bendable design allows you to reach containers with different shapes without switching gears. Individual packaging guarantees that your sample will not be contaminated.

Product Material

Medical grade low density polyethylene (LDPE), Gamma sterilized


Product Features

  • 176mm length design with extended tip
  • Improved surface elasticity and great flow of liquid guaranteeing the ease of use
  • High transparency and clearly-marked measurement
  • Bendable design for handling liquid in and from smaller devices
  • Heat-sealable tube for minuscule amount of liquid
  • Gamma sterilized

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