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Sku: Dlab EcoStir Round
DLAB round plate magnetic stirrer, designed with electrode holder, it is the ideal tool in labs for electrochemistry measurements, water & environment monitoring, drug or food analysis, liquid culture mixing, and etc.

Key Features

  • Compact design with small footprint, 12V voltage available for mobile labs
  • Round work plate supports 1.5L stirring capacity
  • Holder with clamp for PH electrode or other sensor
  • Default PET top provides excellent chemical resistance
  • Extra colorful stickers for clear labeling and identification
  • Maintenance free brushless DC motor



Specifications EcoStir
Work plate Size 120*115mm
Work plate material PET
Motor type Brushless DC motor
Stirring positions 1
Max. stirring quantity [H2O] 1.5L
Max. magnetic bar [length] 40mm
Speed range 300~2000rpm
Speed setting Scale
Protection class IP21
Motor output power 1.2W
Power 7.2W
Voltage DC12V, 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Dimension [W * D * H] 150*144*54mm
Weight 0.3kg
Permissible ambient temperature and humidity 5-40°C, 80%RH

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