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Product Introduction

Biofargo pipette tips are made with high-grade polypropylene material rigorous manufacturing process to guarantee precision, accuracy, and impeccable user experience. Each tip is made sterile, RNase-free, DNase-free, and endotoxin-free to protect your samples and procedures. The interior of the tip is treated to provide a smooth surface for the samples. Our tips are designed to fit most of the pipettes on the market to deliver a streamlined user experience.


Tip Material: Polypropylene
Filter Material: Polyethylene
Tip Length: 44.7 mm
Retention Treatment: Low-retention
Sterilization Method: Gamma sterilized
Certifications: CE, FDA, and UKCA
Other Information: RNase-free, DNase-free, endotoxin-free.

  1. Compatible with multi-channel pipette.
  2. Please wear proper laboratory attire (gloves, lab coat, etc.) while using pipette tips

When can I expect my order to ship?

Most orders are filled and shipped within 2-3 business days from the time they are received.

Our standard shipping usually take 2-5 days.

We also provide express shippping for time-sensitive deliveries. 

Email contact@biofargo.com if you have any requirements.


Terms and Conditions

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