Low Speed Centrifuge

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Multi-Purpose Low-Speed Centrifuge - 300~6000 RPM - Pulsable - DLab DM0636

Price includes DM0636Multi-Purpose Clinical Centrifuge(standard package), with swing-out rotor, kit19400041 & 3-10ml/10-15ml/50ml/100ml basket 19400045/19400044/19400043/19400042   Key Features • Speed can be set from 300-6000rpm • Maximum capacity of the centrifuge: 100...

Low Speed Centrifuge - Dual Setting - 300~5000RPM - DLab DM0506

Key Features • Speed range from 300-5000rpm; • Rotor speed can be set and displayed by RPM or G-force; • Defined program by knob will be stored and activated when...