High Speed Centrifuge

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High-speed Refrigerated Micro Centrifuge - Dlab D1524R

Key Features Centrifuge chamber door with automatic adsorption door lock design, can be closed with a single finger. Pre-cooling: the compressor will automatically start cooling as long as the set temperature is lower than...

High Speed Mini Centrifuge - Various Speed - Dlab D2012plus

Key Features Powerful centrifugal force of 15100xg and max. speed of 15000rpm, ideal for various applications. Brushless DC motor quickly accelerates the rotor to set speed. Quiet working condition, low...

High Speed Micro Centrifuge - 24 Place Rotor - Dlab D3024

Key Features Patented multi-flow air cooling design ensures fast-cooling of the rotor and low energy consumption. Temperature display suitable for gentle handling of sensitive samples. Three-layer sealed rotor prevents accidental leakage during...

High-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuges are your perfect choice for gathering microorganisms, bigger cellular organelles, cellular debris, and ammonium
sulfate-precipitated proteins. The microbes, viruses, lysosomes, mitochondria, and peroxisomes are commonly collected using high-speed centrifuges. The fixed-angle rotors handle most of the easy pelting jobs.

High-speed mini centrifuges: Mini centrifuges with a high speed are quiet and vibration-free. They are perfect for a private workstation due to their small footprint and economical utilization space, and these tabletop devices are capable of rapid acceleration up to about 15,000 rpm. The small, lightweight centrifuges are ideal for short-term spinning of samples ranging from 0.2 to 2.0 milliliters. These are, however, easily portable and, if required, could be run in a cool
place due to the compact size.